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Jean Nouvel (born August 12th, 1945) is a French architect, who designed his buildings to “create a visual landscape” that fit their context— sometimes by making them contrast with the surrounding area. For his boldly experimental designs, which defy a general characterization, he was awarded the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize, and by the early 21st century Nouvel had earned a place in the pantheon of architectural superstars.

Nouvel is credited by the New York Times in a profile piece as “exceptionally good at allowing a building to take on a personality of its own”, because he  has broken the aesthetic of modernism and post-modernism to create a unique stylistic language. Jean Nouvel is an architect of contrasts — mass and void, light and dark, traditional and contemporary. It is this embodiment of architectural juxtaposition that makes Nouvel so extraordinary. He masters the beauty in contemporary architecture by imbuing each project with a single, dominant concept. His buildings are enchanting, atmospheric, serene and powerful in a way that has not been seen since the last of the great cathedrals. 

Nouvel's Masterpieces are the source of endless inspiration for our studio, so we dedicated this collection to his amazing constructions.

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