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A central participant in the Ecole de Paris, Amedeo Modigliani modernized two of the enduring themes of art history: the portrait and the nude. Characterized by a sense of melancholy, elongated proportions, and mask-like faces, Modigliani's portraits are both specific and highly stylized, each uniquely revealing its sitter's inner life, while at the same time unmistakably "Modiglianized," to use the words of one critic. His brash colors and large graphic shapes filled with texture add to the appeal, making a fascinating visual soup of lines, colors and forms. His geometrically distilled portraits and languorous nudes project a warmth and humanity that is often lacking in the work of many of the other modern painters, who seemed to be striving to remove those characteristics from their angular collisions of shapes and colors. Take a look through Modigliani’s portraits and figures and you’ll see the source for much of the stylization in the 50’s and 60’s interior decorations and the current crop of mid century modern furniture, graphics and designs.

280cm ± 2%        

33% Cotton 67% Polyester

15.000 (Martindale)

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