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Dante Gabriel Rossetti was an English painter and poet who helped found the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group of painters treating religious, moral, and medieval subjects in a non-academic manner. As a child he intended to be a painter and illustrated literary subjects in his earliest drawings. Dante admired the German “Pre-Raphaelites,” the nickname of the austere Nazarenes, who had sought to bring back into German art a pre-Renaissance purity of style and aim. Rossetti expanded the Brotherhood’s aims by linking poetry, painting, and social idealism and by interpreting the term Pre-Raphaelite as synonymous with a romanticized medieval past. The two main aspects of his artwork were a romantic enthusiasm for a legendary past instead of the realism of “truth to nature” and the ambition of reforming the applied arts of design, suggesting that the scope of art could be expanded to include the crafts. DANTE is the most romantic collection of supreme decorator fabrics created by The Trendsetter Studio, presenting a wide selection of colors and offering a full range of rich hues, including bright tones and useful neutrals.

280cm ± 2%        

100% Polyester

15.000 (Martindale)

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