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Although educated in traditional painting, James Ensor quickly stepped off that path and began to develop a revolutionary style that reflected his own take on modern life. He is not only an exceptionally talented colorist, but also one of the great 19th-century Realists, free from aesthetic, literary and moral conventions. The artist demonstrated this propensity in numerous, nearly empty seascapes, still lives and in fifteen intimate interiors. His nearly pure pictorial importance appeared from the virtuoso manner in which he applied the paint with the palette knife. Moreover, no one has examined light as a source of mystification like Ensor. From 1885 until around 1890, he practiced a creative method in his drawings and sketches, in which light experiments were combined with associative or surreal grotesques. Choosing a color combination for your home interior can be a challenge, but color also can be a powerful tool for transforming a plain space. Celebrate your individuality with this stunning professional decorator fabrics collection, created for you by The Trendsetter Studio.

280cm ± 2%        

50% Rayon 50% Polyester

15.000 (Martindale)

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