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The paintings of Joan Miró - fantastical fields of uncanny references - swirling, abstract forms, floating body parts, and distorted animals - aligned closely with the concerns of the Sur- realists. Indeed, the works reflected a stunning embrace of dream imagery and “psychic automatism”: a practice that sought to give creative license to the unconscious mind through un- mediated drawing or painting. Envisioning his artistic pursuit as a challenge to traditional pain- ting and an assault on the bourgeois society that produced it, Miró developed a distinctly symbolic language of simplified, biomorphic, or lifelike, forms.  Among Miró’s last major works was a tapestry for the World Trade Center in New York City, created in 1974. As in his Vase, the colorful, largely abstract image reveals the applicability of Miró’s semi-representational, dreamlike imagery to the so-called decorative arts. Miró’s work is a huge inspiration for us in our pursuit to create the interior design fabrics with impeccable craftsmanship, understated beauty and elegant taste.

280cm ± 2%        

100% Polyester

15.000 (Martindale)

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